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Against the aeon throne pdf download

Against the aeon throne pdf download
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The Reach of Empire - StarfinderWiki

24 rows · File Name ↓ File Size ↓ Date ↓ ; Parent directory/--Against the Aeon Throne - Pawn 30/3/ · An icon used to represent a menu that can be toggled by interacting with this icon 25/11/ · Against the Aeon Throne is an Adventure Path for the Starfinder Roleplaying Game. To play you’ll need a copy of the Starfinder Core Rulebook. Against the Aeon Throne is a shorter campaign that most. Typically six books in length, this Adventure Path is only three. I think it’s a great change that will allow the folks at Starfinder to tell shorter, more personal stories. In addition, this Estimated Reading Time: 7 mins

against the aeon throne pdf download

Against the aeon throne pdf download

The Vanguard Voidsweeper is a common exploratory, transport, and forward-action vessel used by the Imperial Fleet of the Azlanti Star Empire. It is a durable, mass-produced ship useful for initial explorations into unknown star systems. Compact and sturdy, the vessel nevertheless has the graceful, sweeping lines common to ships of the Azlanti Star Empire, against the aeon throne pdf download. Voidsweepers are sometimes deployed by the Imperial Fleet to pacify worlds with less technologically advanced civilizations.

The Voidsweeper boasts an array of weapons sufficient to disable satellites and destroy civilian buildings. In subjugated systems, Voidsweepers are used as patrol ships and to provide shows of force against rebels or dissidents. Voidsweepers are heavily customized based on mission parameters; the spacious cargo bays might contain modular, prefabricated building components suitable against the aeon throne pdf download long-term planetary occupation, long-range communications arrays, or simply racks of stacked bunks to accommodate a company of Azlanti soldiers.

Voidsweepers are commonly retrofitted between missions with an internal layout appropriate for the next venture. Officers frequently co-opt the versatile starships for personal missions and might insist on luxurious crew quarters or expansion bays that suit their specific interests.

McCreary, and Sarah E. On the Cover This book refers to several other Starfinder products, including the Alien Archive by using the abbreviation AA, yet these additional supplements are not required to make use of this book. Readers interested in references to Starfinder hardcovers can find the complete rules of these books available online for free at sfrd. This product is compliant with the Open Game License OGL and is suitable for use with Starfinder or the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game.

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Printed in China. Lieutenant Sharu of the Aeon Guard keeps watch in this impressive cover art by Anna Christenson. N ot much is known The PCs learn the crashed in the Pact Worlds Azlanti starship carried an about the Azlanti CAMPAIGN OUTLINE experimental interstellar SPOILER ALERT!

If from an ancient civilization Cedona were taken back to you intend to play in this campaign, be warned! This from Golarion have been met the Azlanti Star Empire. But page spoils the plot for the upcoming adventures as with violence, against the aeon throne pdf download.

After several before they can rescue their thoroughly as possible. bloody encounters, the Pact friend, the PCs must defeat an Worlds and the Veskarium Azlanti starship that comes have resolved to maintain back to reclaim the colony!

This policy has kept both systems PRISON MOON safe for several decades. By Eleanor Ferron The balance of power threatens to shift, however, when the Starfinder Adventure Path 8, Levels 3—4 discovery of a crashed starship on a Pact Worlds colony in the Having freed the Nakondis colony from Azlanti occupation, the Vast draws the attention of the sinister Star Empire.

Not only PCs are deputized by the Stewards to go to the Azlanti Star do the Azlanti invade and annex the colony; they also retrieve Empire to rescue their friend, the android scholar Cedona, an experimental starship drive from the vessel and kidnap the and steal the ancient Azlanti starship engine called the rune colonist who had been studying it. The drive dates back to drive.

The PCs fly to the Star Empire and, using a transponder before the Gap, when the Azlanti began studying interstellar salvaged from an Azlanti starship, manage to arrive undetected. travel to expand their reach. If the Star Empire can repair the The PCs visit Outpost Zed, an independent space station in device, it might be able to achieve travel times faster than Azlanti space where they can learn more information about those available with Drift engines, putting the entire galaxy where Cedona is being held.

After completing a job for their within its grasp. But the against the Aeon Throne? rune drive remains at large, and the PCs must prevent the Azlanti from making it operational at all costs! THE REACH OF EMPIRE By Ron Lundeen THE RUNE DRIVE GAMBIT Starfinder Adventure Path 7, Levels 1—2 By Larry Wilhelm The PCs are hired to transport supplies from Absalom Station Starfinder Adventure Path 9, Levels 5—6 to a new Pact Worlds colony in the Vast called Nakondis. The To steal or destroy the rune drive, the PCs head to an asteroid job also has a personal component, as one of the colonists containing a secret Azlanti science station where captive on Nakondis—an android scholar and retired Steward named scientists are studying the device.

Descending into the facility, Cedona—is an old friend of the PCs. Arriving at Nakondis, the the PCs encounter the soldiers of the elite Aeon Guard. But first, the PCs have to defeat the Against the aeon throne pdf download the Azlanti came to the colony to investigate a crashed ancient noble who has orchestrated the entire plot. When they finally Azlanti starship on the planet, and that their friend Cedona was have the rune drive in their possession, the PCs can use it to arrested by the Azlanti because of what she found on the ruined warp reality, giving their starship a fighting chance against vessel.

The PCs travel to the crash site, where they must defeat the incoming Imperial Fleet so they can return home to the the Azlanti commander, a member of the elite Aeon Guard. Pact Worlds! four characters. The Against the aeon throne pdf download begin this adventure at 1 1st level, against the aeon throne pdf download. of stealthy missions, the heroes assault the Azlanti garrison in the settlement.

The PCs should be 3rd level by 3 the end of the adventure. To put an end to the Azlanti threat on Nakondis and learn where their friend has been taken, the heroes must explore the ancient crashed starship, against the aeon throne pdf download.

Ulivestra was convinced that the probe had discovered the crash site of the Royal Venture and its experimental rune Prior to the Gap, before the discovery of the Drift and the drive. Though against the aeon throne pdf download data was inconclusive, it was certainly advent of interstellar travel, the Azlanti Star Empire was possible that the humanoids living on the planet could be the confined to a single solar system. the star Aristia. But without interstellar against the aeon throne pdf download or the magical When the Barazad arrived at the planet, it found that portals of their ancestors, the Azlanti could go no further.

None ever returned. To prevent the possibility of the of these early attempts at interstellar travel. The discovery Pact Against the aeon throne pdf download finding the rune drive first, the Barazad landed of these historical records attracted the attention of Zolan the force of military students it was transporting on the Ulivestra, a sardat an Azlanti noble of moderate status planet to occupy the colony and annex Nakondis in the and high-ranking officer in the Imperial Vanguard Scout name of the Azlanti Star Empire.

The most senior non-Fleet Corps IVSCa specialized branch of the Imperial Fleet officer aboard the Barazad, an Aeon Guard lieutenant named responsible for exploration, reconnaissance, and forward Sharu, took command of the invasion force, which quickly military operations. flight paths of the ancient voyages to discover the fates of Besides notifying Sardat Ulivestra of the successful those lost interstellar expeditions. An Azlanti noble named Ameondria had sort of technomagical relic from the original crash site.

One installed in her personal vessel, the Royal Venture, a unique of the colonists, an android scholar named Cedona, had engine that the ancient documents called a rune drive. Now even more the Aeon Throne itself, against the aeon throne pdf download. Ulivestra made finding the Royal convinced that he had discovered the fabled rune drive and Venture his personal mission.

Recovering any vestiges of the unwilling to wait for the imperial bureaucracy to officially early interstellar voyage would be an achievement certain verify the findings, Ulivestra dispatched a high-speed courier to earn the IVSC, and especially Ulivestra and his family, the ship called the Silver Needle to Nakondis to immediately favorable attention of the Aeon Throne.

recover the technomagical relic and the android Cedona Recently, an IVSC probe suffered a malfunction that for examination and interrogation, against the aeon throne pdf download.

The Barazad then left to dropped it out of the Drift and into an uncharted system explore the rest of the system. As soon as the Azlanti landed, Cedona sent a planet. The Azlanti and findings to the IVSC before it crashed. The their starship without her. Once theme can be chosen from the list below.

Ulivestra has confirmed that the rune drive is real—and Ace Pilot: A few years ago, you received an emergency hopefully still functional, or at least replicable—he plans to commission from an android named Cedona. She needed PART present his findings to the Aeon Throne. sardat, but Ulivestra believes the magnitude of his discovery able to navigate the complicated route quickly.

Cedona was will impress the Star Imperators enough to outweigh any impressed against the aeon throne pdf download your flawless piloting and contacted you a PART censure of his actions. Only after he has been rewarded few times for other jobs, even when another pilot would have REBELS OF. for his ambition, loyalty, and vision does Ulivestra intend been more convenient for her to hire, against the aeon throne pdf download. to send military reinforcements, IVSC experts, and imperial Bounty Hunter: You had a high-paying job that seemed LANDING.

archaeologists and historians to Nakondis to support the to have gone bust, as your quarry had slipped away to garrison there. You were PART landing party to hold the planet at all costs. against the aeon throne pdf download to admit defeat when Cedona contacted you with HISTORY. You collected UNEARTHED. Lieutenant Sharu left command of the Azlanti forces in the your quarry and your pay without any difficulties. Although the rune drive was information sources. The android is polite and SHIPS OF.

more information. Master-at-Arms Olaraja believes the friendly, and the two of you have bonded based on her THE STAR.

She asked that you come visit her EMPIRE. time in your busy schedule to get out that far, and you look ARCHIVES forward to surprising her with your presence.

The first motive is mercenaries working alongside you was an android named CODEX OF purely against the aeon throne pdf download. The PCs are transporting a load of mundane Cedona. It became clear to you that she was no ordinary WORLDS supplies on behalf of AbadarCorp. Regardless, Cedona was head administrator, a lashunta priest of Abadar named cool under fire and very professional, and you appreciated Madelon Kesi, is contracted to pay the PCs 4, credits that.

Any PC friends, against the aeon throne pdf download.

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Against the aeon throne pdf download

against the aeon throne pdf download

Free Against The Aeon Throne Pdf Download to try VIEW → Perfect your photos with advanced controls, experiment in a nondestructive environment, organize and share anywhere. ×. Buy 2 novaPDF Pro licenses and get 3 (Save US$ *) Special Promotion: Pay for 2 licenses of novaPDF Pro and get 3 instead. novaPDF is a commercial PDF creator developed by Softland, Against The Aeon Throne Pdf /10() The adventure continues the Against the Aeon Throne Adventure Path, a 3-part, monthly campaign in which players visit and explore some of the worlds of the sinister Azlanti Star Empire. It also includes an overview of the expansionist Azlanti Star Empire, an article exploring various aliens races under the Azlanti Star Empire's jurisdiction, and a selection of new monsters from alien worlds 24 rows · File Name ↓ File Size ↓ Date ↓ ; Parent directory/--Against the Aeon Throne - Pawn

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